July 24, 2016:

Report from the International Chin Woo Championships held in Dallas, Texas

Tru2Form is a new division and concept developed to highlight traditional kung fu fighting in the world of martial arts and entertainment (like the UFC/MMA).  Tru2Form is making its mark on the minds of competitors, masters, and martial art enthusiasts.

To see Wushu in its “Tru Form” is interesting, entertaining, and marketable, and adds to the merit of Chinese martial arts.


The interest at the international event makes it clear:  there was a lot of positive energy around the concept.  Still in its development stage, the steps to success are very clear.

The CMA (Chinese martial arts) is presently in a position to grow.  We need to increase the quality of the competitor, and most importantly the audience participation. 


The audience is key - the number of spectators, as Tru2Form develops, should double, triple, even quadruple over time.  This shows the merit and strength of the event.  (Think of the UFC – 4 bouts equals 8 competitors, with thousands of in-house spectators and millions of national and international spectators watching on television.)  What is the CMA doing wrong?  Tru2Form provides yet another forum to promote Chinese martial arts globally.


The Tru2Form concept is in motion!  It is perfect for those who want to demonstrate their talent in the art and lineage they have been training in.  This is a chance for you to highlight your style and get involved with the Tru2Form movement.



Can you fight with your style or system, whether it's Tiger Claw, Praying Mantis, Wing Chun,  Tai Chi, Shaolin, etc.?  Tru2Form is for you. 


Be a part of a new era in Chinese martial arts business and entertainment.


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