1.     WHAT is Tru2Form?


            Tru2Form is an idea that has created a lot of controversy – is Chinese Martial Arts real? 


            Tru2Form is creating a venue to put this concept to the test, where Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) stylists can come together to discuss, develop, and promote traditional Chinese boxing.  Think like prospectors – separating gold from dirt – to determine what makes sense and what has merit in a fighting forum.


            1a:       It’s History!


Chinese boxing was birthed from ancient warfare:  before there were guns, the sole use of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry was truly effective.  The creation of the gun changed the face of the martial arts world, and many of these ancient techniques were lost.  Tru2Form wants to be a part of restoring the bridge - because it can be!


Tru2Form is committed to the idea that:  “as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end”.


History seems to repeat itself, thus, for martial art brothers and sisters who are from the Chinese branch of the tree, this is a way to maintain and further develop these ancient techniques in modern times.  Man will only be man no matter what weapon he is carrying. Therefore, one must understand that hand-to-hand will always play a part in warfare and self-defense.


            1b:       It’s an Education!


Tru2Form is a way to create communication between martial arts and those who are interested in this type of fighting.  The goal of Tru2Form is to show superior skill and sophistication, and how well these ancient techniques work within a fighting arena during today’s time.  This concept can show which fighting techniques are obsolete and which ones continue to be effective today.


            1c:       It’s an International Tournament Circuit!


As this vision develops and grows, the goal of Tru2Form is to help make Chinese Martial Arts understood and accessible everywhere, and seek to create venues for fighters and events worldwide. 




            Your concerns are understood.  If you are asking whether this is fantasy fighting, fake, etc., the response is this: 


Tru2Form is just “another way” - just one division of CMA among many others.  Tru2Form is for sport, entertainment, promotion, and exposure.  It will give people an opportunity to explore CMA in a safe and educational environment.  Tru2Form is a “SKILLS” tournament – not a full-contact, blood-thirsty, bone-breaking, knockout match. 


Tru2Form will require top performance, skill, and sport-oriented fighting, but only in an environment without violence.  Tru2Form does not want to portray CMA as barbaric, violent, or lethal.  Instead, it should show character, skill, and sophistication of the fighting arts.  Point sparring tournaments have generated billions of dollars over the years without violent fights or full-contact.  Tru2Form will stand on its own!  It has its own audience.


As the concept develops, the goal is for fighters to go through three different stages:  light, medium, to eventually full-contact.  This will take a lot of development and is further down the road.   By practicing speed, timing, and placement, this emphasis will keep the tournament safe.  



2.     WHO is Tru2Form?


            Tru2Form is YOU! 


            You are invited to join and be a part of this new forum, which will be another vehicle to help promote Chinese Martial Arts in the United States of America and worldwide. The merit of the event is easily understood, but the infrastructure will take some time to fully develop. This is where you come in!  Your input and comments are very essential as Tru2Form moves forward.


            2a:       It’s the Fighter!


Tru2Form is seeking to find serious fighters to represent the Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) regime.  The most important element is to have the desire, the passion, and the ability to withstand rigorous training.  We must train to find our weaknesses and even “die” in the kwoon (school), in order to “live” in the ring/cage/stage to find victory of self and glory for the CMA. 


One must understand that the road leading to success starts with one step at a time.  Even though the idea of Tru2Form has merit, it holds more value in concept at this time.  (Similar to the development of the airplane, which at one time was only in the mind of man until the theory of flight was proven).  It takes determination, dedication, and belief that it is possible. 


A Tru2Form practitioner must also portray these attributes by becoming spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally strong to deal with the pressure and anxiety that comes with fighting in an open forum. 


The Tru2Form fighter has to come from a point of view like the Armed Forces:  does your system have the 5 basics like the five arms of the military (i.e., Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard)?  Can your style of fighting cover attacks from the ground, the air, long range, short range, and grappling?  Research your system to find these elements and put them to the test.


Please send us a film/video of yourself sparring using your system/style using the “Contact Us” button below.  This will be a great help to highlight the vision of Tru2Form.



            2b:       It’s the Teachers and Trainers!


Tru2Form needs high level teachers and trainers involved in order to be a success.  All practitioners should be under the guidance of a teacher or a professional trainer, because executing attacks that you may not understand can lead to serious injuries.  Therefore, proper guidance is a must!  It is very important that everyone works together to create an event that would get the attention, exposure, and respect needed to keep CMA in the forefront of martial arts and entertainment.


As Tru2Form moves forward, the goal is to find the best teachers and trainers in Chinese wrestling, hand-style, leg-style, Chin Na, and a variety of other sources that will be important in tournament competition.



            2c:       It’s the Fan Base!


As Tru2Form continues to develop into more than just a concept, the vision is clear:  entertain and inspire!  Tru2Form will attract new candidates to the cause and will also be interesting to all ages and all walks of life.  CMA deserves a higher level of attention and respect and it’s the goal of Tru2Form to make this happen and make it happen big!





            The time is NOW!  Tru2Form has been in the development stage, and has participated in tournaments as an exhibition.  Now, it’s time to take it to the next level, so that Tru2Form is recognized nationally and internationally, providing local, regional, national, and championship tournaments all over the world.



4.     HOW?


            Again – the HOW comes back to the WHO -- to YOU!  It will come through those who are passionate about this division of the CMA.  Tru2Form is ready to turn vision into reality, through fighters, teachers, trainers, coaches, ambassadors, etc.  So, get involved and be a part of the “HOW” by clicking on the “Contact Us” button below!



5.     WHY Tru2Form?


            To preserve and promote traditional Chinese Martial Arts in a way that is both educational and entertaining.



6.     What are the basic rules?


            The rules will be developed and finalized based on the number, type, and skill level of all fighters are determined.  However, the basic concepts are as follows:

            (More details to come … stay tuned!)



7.     Do you have a question that you want answered?


            Tru2Form wants to make sure that its vision is clear and that all of your questions are answered.  So, please submit your question through the “Contact Us” button below, and you will receive a response as quickly as possible.  And, if your question becomes “Frequently Asked”, you will also see the answer pop up on this page!  So, check back often for more clarity and discussion!!!  Tru2Form appreciates your interest and involvement -- look forward to hearing from you!